We are thrilled to introduce you to Integrate, a groundbreaking Erasmus+ project designed to foster the integration of young migrants into their communities. Over the next two years, this project will unlock new horizons for individuals aged 18-30 through a blend of online education, practical activities, and innovative tools.


👨🏻‍💻 Embracing global citizenship through Online Learning

Our online training program is at the heart of Integrate project: it’s crafted around the principles of global citizenship education, equipping young migrants with the knowledge and skills needed for successful community integration.


💪🏻 Hands-on experience with Social Work

Action speaks louder than words! That’s why Integrate includes hands-on activities that young migrants can undertake alongside social workers. These practical experiences are key to understanding the dynamics of community life and becoming active, contributing members of society.

🃏 The power of play: overcoming stereotypes

One of our most exciting features is a specially designed card game. It’s more than just entertainment – it challenges players to identify and overcome prejudices and stereotypes, promoting a deeper understanding of various cultures.


🍀 Project Management Meeting (TPM) insights

Our recent TPM in Kells, Ireland, was a milestone event. It began with a warm welcome and progressed into intense discussions about the project’s overview and individual responsibilities. The highlight was a heartfelt speech by a Ukrainian migrant, now an active member in assisting young migrants. This meeting set the tone for our journey ahead, culminating in a delightful dinner at Kells’ Headfort Arms Hotel.


📣  Your Voice Matters

In December we conducted focus groups in each country participating in the project. We brought together young migrants aged 18-30, who shared their experiences and feelings with us. Their insights will be crucial in helping us to shape our online course modules, ensuring they truly meet their needs and aspirations.


📆 What’s Next?

Our journey is just beginning. With your participation and support, “Integrate” will build bridges between cultures and create more inclusive communities. Stay tuned for more updates, and mark your calendars for our next meeting in Cyprus, April 2024.

Together, let’s make integration more than a goal – let’s make it a reality.


Warm regards, The Integrate Team 🌍✨

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