The heart of Integrate project

Integrate's Work Packages are the pillars of our project, each aimed at a specific goal.

Discover how each contributes to our overall success and the tangible results we are achieving.

Overview of the Work Packages

Integrate is structured into several Work Packages, each with its unique focus.

From general project management to the creation of educational resources and dissemination activities, every aspect plays a pivotal role.

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Management and Implementation

This Work Package handles the coordination, monitoring, and reporting of the project. It's the engine ensuring the smooth operation and effectiveness of all activities.

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Training Resources for Young People

We develop innovative training resources for young people, providing educational tools and support to facilitate the integration of migrants.

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Open Educational Resources Toolkit

Focused on developing an open educational resources toolkit, this WP provides essential materials to promote intercultural communication and European awareness.

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The Integrate Card Game

We create a fun and interactive card game that supports the integration of young people, offering a playful approach to learning about migration and integration.

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Dissemination and Exploitation

This Work Package focuses on the dissemination and use of the project's results, through dissemination strategies, organization of events, and publication of materials.

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