Bridging cultures, empowering communities

Integrate, an Erasmus+ funded initiative, is at the forefront of fostering intercultural understanding and global citizenship across Europe.

With a consortium of diverse and expert organizations, we unite to create impactful, sustainable change.

Our mission and vision

Our mission extends beyond education; it's about creating a ripple effect of positive change.

We aim to cultivate a generation of informed, engaged citizens who are equipped to address global challenges with creativity and resilience.

Through our collective efforts, we aspire to build stronger, more inclusive communities that are grounded in understanding and mutual respect.

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Our diverse team

Integrate is powered by a collaborative team from various organizations across Europe, each bringing unique expertise and passion.

From community development to educational innovation, our collective efforts are centered on creating inclusive, empowering learning experiences.

logo Quality Culture

Quality Culture - Italy

Quality Culture in Milan boosts green/digital shifts & social inclusion in Europe, focusing on gender equality & sustainability.

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logo Meath Partnership

Meath Partnership - Ireland

Specializing in community capacity building and experienced in EU programmes, they focus on economic, social, and cultural development in rural communities.

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logo Auxilium

Auxilium - Austria

A Graz-based non-profit, enhancing cultural and educational exchanges across Europe with extensive experience in transnational cooperation projects.

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logo OTI Group

OTI Group - Cyprus

A global social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development, offering diverse programs from education to environmental conservation.

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logo Development Perspectives

Development Perspectives - Ireland

An Irish NGO focused on Global Citizenship Education, actively working to address poverty, inequality, and climate change through transformative education.

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logo European Learning Centre

European Learning Centre - Spain

Situated in Southern Spain, they excel in language learning, ICT, and professional training, especially for underrepresented groups.

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logo co-funded by the european union


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